About Rick

Best Selling Author, Publisher and Speaker


Rick works with many of the top book editors, literary agents, and publishers in America, including Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins and Random House.

He has worked with bestselling authors such as Mitch Albom, Bill Moyers, Stephen King, Caroline Kennedy, Howard Stern, President Jimmy Carter, Sophia Loren, Smokey Robinson, Nelson DeMille, Barbara Bush, and Salmon Rushdie.

The list also includes John Grisham, Yogi Berra, Henry Kissinger, Jack Canfield, Alan Dershowitz, Arnold Palmer, Jackie Collins, Whoopi Goldberg, Gov. Mario Cuomo, and Senator John Glenn.

Rick Frishman is Publisher at Union Square Publishing in New York and founder of Planned Television Arts (now called Media Connect), has been one of the leading book publicists in America for over 45 years.

Rick works with many of the top book editors, literary agents, and publishers in America, including Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins and Random House.

Union Square Publishing publishes fiction and nonfiction books and by authors with a platform who believe in giving back. Union Square Publishing gives a portion of every book sold to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Rick has also appeared on hundreds of radio shows and more than a dozen TV shows nationwide, including Oprah, Fox News and Bloomberg TV. He has also been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Selling Power Magazine, New York Post, and scores of other publications.


He has appeared on stage with notables such as Sir Richard Branson, The Dalai Lama, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Hsieh, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Brendon Burchard.

Rick is the co-author of eighteen books, including national bestsellers “Guerrilla Publicity”, “Where’s Your Wow”, “Guerrilla Marketing for Writers”, “The Expert Success Solution”, “250 Rules of Business, “Networking Magic-Second Edition”.and Author 101- The Insiders Guide to Publishing. Rick’s 18th book “Mistakes Authors Make: Essential Steps for Achieving Success as an Author” (with Bret Ridgeway and Bryan Hane) was published in May 2015.

Rick's 19th book "Guerrilla Publicity" 3rd Edition (with Jill Lublin and Jay Conrad Levinson) will be published in late 2016. Rick has a BFA in acting and directing and a BS in communications from Ithaca College. He is a sought-after lecturer on publishing and public relations and a member of PRSA and the National Speakers Association.

Rick and his wife Robbi live in Long Island, New York with their two Havanese puppies, Cody and Cooper. They have three children: Adam, Rachel, and Stephanie.


"There are only ten people who understand and have mastered the book publishing process - Rick Frishman is one of them - I have counseled him, listened to him, and watched the books he promoted turn to gold. If you're looking for someone to take your book to the promised land, I promise that Rick Frishman is the rocket ship that will take you there."

Jeffrey Gitomer, King, Buy Gitomer, Inc

"When I talk about excellence in the book promotion and publicity industry, the first name I always say is Rick Frishman! He is absolutely the tip of the top and the cream of the crop! He walks his talk and does what he says he will do and gets results, but most importantly he is a gentleman and a scholar! I highly recommend Rick Frishman!"

Willie Jolley, President, Willie Jolley Worldwide