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Rick is Publisher at Union Square Publishing in New York

Union Square Publishing only publishes non fiction, fiction, children's, and Faith books and looks for authors with a platform who believe in giving back. We give a portion of every book sold to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Union Square Publishing actively works with authors to help them not only maximize revenue from their book royalties, but also build new business and increase their revenue substantially through follow-on sales to their readers.

One of Union Square Publishing's core values is having strong and mutually beneficial relationships. "We've spent years developing many of the key business relationships that allows us to get our books into bookstores and the widespread Web coverage we've been able to achieve. We intend to stay constant in our pursuit of positive relationships with people in all facets of our business, and we see that as a strategic advantage", says Karen Strauss, Union Square Publishing Executive Vice President.

Union Square Publishing continues to establish itself as a major player in the traditional publishing world with incredible titles being released each and every month.

If you’ve been looking to publish your book and you have gotten fed up with all the alternatives, then we would like to talk.

Get Published Today by Union Square Publishing!

As an entrepreneur interested in seeing your book “in print”, you are knocking on the door of one of the most glamorous yet mysterious institutions in this country: the Publishing Industry.


We know (all too well, unfortunately) that most publishers ignore potential authors, but we are different.

We embrace you. Rest assured there will be no mystery to whether or not we received your proposal.

Our commitment to you is to actually review your information and consider it for publication with Union Square Publishing, or with one of our many Imprints.

The venture of publishing is not without risk – Union Square Publishing receives approximately 4,000 manuscript proposals each year, but only publishes an average of 130. But the rewards can be substantial.

Your manuscript has an excellent chance of success in one of our publishing channels if we accept it, but we do need to face facts. Both you and we will have to contribute an enormous amount of time to secure that success.


"I was at the Peak Potentials World's Greatest Marketing Seminar in LA and Rick was one of the most impressive memorable speakers at the event. I was inspired by your comment that all entrepreneurs are authors, I look forward to working with you in the future to make that dream come true."

Julie Salisbury, Founder and Owner, InspireABook

"PPT only brings the best, the brightest, and the most valuable speakers into their fold, and Rick is no exception. In just a few hours, Rick shared some of the most useful information I've ever received regarding PR and publishing,"

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