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Rick has been the leading book publicist in America for over 38 years. Frishman Media has a team of PR Professionals that can help you. FME works with several PR teams including Planned TV Arts, which is now called Media Connect.

FME's success can be attributed to its special understanding of the media. Our expertise is knowing where and how to place our client's message. Our success can also be attributed to the rapport between our publicists and the decision makers in the press and electronic media.

FME has pioneered television placements since the advent of the medium and continues to be a leader in helping clients maximize their exposure through television appearances. National TV Placement In today's media climate, coverage on national news and talk shows is essential. At the same time, access to this national audience is increasingly competitive. Our track record at placing authors, celebrities and corporate spokespeople on the most visible and influential television shows is unsurpassed. We regularly book the top shows.

Capitalizing on the resurgent power of radio to sell and promote, the most successful publicity campaigns include a radio component. FME possesses unique resources, vehicles and understanding of how to use radio to communicate your message.

Through National Radio, MDRT/Morning Drive Radio Tour®, Telephone Interview Campaign, and Radio News Releases/Power Promotions we are able to target this popular and effective media vehicle.


FME has made it a point to develop relationships with all types of print media and routinely makes placements with magazines, dailies, and news wires as well as specialized trade media of importance to a client. Special attention is paid to print placements because major broadcast bookings often result from high-profile feature articles.


Feature articles quickly establish a client's credibility and greatly enhance a client's future media and marketing efforts.

Monthly Magazines, National Print Media, Local Dailies/Trade Media, TelePrint Conference (TPC) and FME's team allow us to influence and reflect the country's interests more than any other media.

Unique Services
FME works with several companies to provide the following services:

  • The Satellite Media Tour (SMT) is the latest tactic used by public relations professionals in an evolving search for effective electronic communications. FME Satellite's SMT's are the 21st century version of road tours.
  • Remote & Mobile Facilities means our guests can be virtually anywhere in the world.
  • B-Roll News Feeds in conjunction with SMT's, B-Roll Newsfeed footage enhances the visual power of the material and helps provide a complete story.
  • Video News Releases (VNR) FME Satellite develops, produces and distributes Video News Releases (VNR) nationally and internationally.
  • Electronic Press Kits (EPK"s) have become the lifeblood of television news shows.
  • Web Development - we work with our clients to create the initial concept, write the content for the site and position the Web site to the client's audience and to the media.

"Rick Frishman is the greatest PR man in the publishing world. Heartfelt thanks for your enormous part in helping us get here to be the #1 selling authors in America"

Bud Gardner & Mark Victor Hansen, authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"When clients wonder how to make their book a bestseller, I tell them they have one option: Rick Frishman and his team. Rick and his team are absolutely the best publicists in the business. Any look at the bestseller list will make that clear half of them are usually their clients!"

Wendy Keller, Literary Agent, Forth Write Literary Agency