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Got Some Time? Get Reading!

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Great business books to keep you busy—and informed By Jane Applegate One way to alleviate the guilt associated with taking a vacation this summer is to lug along some serious business books. (Even if you don’t read them, you can use them as props around your chaise lounge or to hold down the edges of […]

Deliver Your Message With Short, Compelling Sound Bites

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The demands on our time are overwhelming, constant, relentless. Everyone is rushing around at break-neck speed trying to jam more than is humanly possible into already overloaded schedules. Getting people to listen seems impossible because they’re frantic, have a million things on their minds and can’t spare a millisecond. If you ever pin them down, […]

Build A Killer Media List

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Media lists are databases containing the names and information about people and organizations that can help promote your business, product or service. They’re your Rolodex, Palm Pilot and address book. They’re the roster listing who is in your network. When it comes to media lists, collect as many names as possible. The more names included […]

8 Tips For Preparing for a Media Interview

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“Being interviewed by the media is a performance. The very thought may make you nervous. Before you’re interviewed, know exactly what you want to say,” says Rick Frishman, co-author of “Guerrilla Publicity” (Adams Media). Frishman insists that all his clients at Planned TV Arts, a New York public relations firm, undergo preparation and training before […]

Job Seekers, Redouble Your Efforts

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  A U.S. Department of Labor study reports the country’s unemployment rate is up to 6 percent, the highest in nearly eight years. This figure does not include new graduate entries into the job market, which makes for an even tougher market. “Today, the opportunities are out there,” says career specialist and executive recruiter Ford […]

Reviews of New Business Books

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By Paul Tulenko The latest business books that authors, publishers, and publicists want you to have on your shelf are in; and I’ve selected those I feel are better than the average. I actually read every book I recommend, so when I say, “Buy this one,” I believe that particular book can make a material […]

Careers Now: Behind a Layoff’s Closed Doors

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By Joyce Lain Kennedy Tribune Media Services DEAR JOYCE: You recently said, “Unemployment is no longer stigmatic. Downsizings have eliminated the tattoo of personal failure. But demotion is still perceived as a personal shortcoming.” In other words, if you’re part of a downsizing, no one will think you were fired for cause, right? Who decides […]

Marketing doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task

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By Joyce Rosenberg SMALL TALK The Salt Lake Tribune Marketing can seem like an overwhelming prospect for a small business owner — there’s research to do, publicity campaigns to pull together, mailings to send out, and more. But small business owners and marketing consultants say the task can be made easier and less daunting by […]